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Irina & Tom

“Even if the wild sea rages a moment next to you means everything at sunset”

-John Milan-

Wedding at The Lobster Shack East Quay in Whitstable, Kent

The atmosphere was very warm. I wanted to convey the naturalness of the moment, and that’s why I tried to go unnoticed. The families were very happy on both sides, and had a chance to get to know each other (and who knows if it was not the beginning of another romance!). When a couple feels the favorable wind, they breathe in the atmosphere, and that’s what I experienced that day with Irina and Tom.

The Lobster Shack, East Quay Venue, on the other hand, seemed a very suitable place for the type of link. The food was delicious,  the beach itself, listening to the waves of the sea, one gets lost in the memories. The inspiration to capture the moments flowed ceaselessly. The sunset was little by little devoured by time, between the music of a guitarist who put soundtrack to the ocean. The laughter of the banquet gave way to speeches.

The love that flowed from the groom, the bliss of the father, the emotion of the friend of the soul and of the almost sister friend.

They gave the final touch that leads to a dance that synthesized in a single moment a whole day of joys and hopes. 


This was one of those days for which I became a wedding photographer. I want to deeply thank the couple, Irina and Tom, for giving me the opportunity to participate in that great moment.

The wedding of Irina and Tom in East Quay Venue in Whitstable,  England was simple, emotional, close, familiar … without anything else taking the prominence of what was commemorated.

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